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Opening Fall 2024

The Engineering & Technology Academy of Distinction (ETECH) Charter School will be a school in which 6-12 grade students develop dynamic, critical, and reflective abilities needed to solve new, complex challenges confronting engineers and information technology professionals within the State of New York and across the United States.

Through engagement with basic technical concepts and scholarship, high impact teaching strategies will be used to ensure students from ALL backgrounds receive a supportive, stabilizing, and intellectually stimulating education. This resonates with ETECH's goal to cultivate academic, occupational, and technical readiness in youth through a multi-year journey leading to post-secondary education and/or a career path in engineering or computer programming.

ETECH will prepare students to be leaders in their respective fields, despite race, class, gender, perceived ability or any convergence of these attributes.

Learn more about our conceptual model here:

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What makes our school unique?

At Engineering & Technology Academy of Distinction Charter School, we believe in creating a unique environment where career and technological education can meld with valuable life experience. Our team loves seeing each and every student rise to their true potential.

You'll love our school because we:

  • Have a board with over 30 years of combined experience
  • Will soon expand to cover 6th grade through 12th grade
  • Promote a loving, supportive and natural environment
  • Offering several internship opportunities
  • Conveniently located near Buffalo's Medical corridor and Technology Hub

Plus, it's always free to submit an application. Call us now to learn how you can apply for a spot.

Giving each student valuable first-hand experience

Unlike other schools, we intend our field trips to be fun and educational while offering useful insight into the fields we teach. That's why we use our great connections and partnerships to provide our students with a behind-the-scenes look at the fields they're interested in.